Louise Taylor & Ray Bonneville

by terryg on December 8, 2011

Louise Taylor and Ray Bonneville are old friends, frequent collaborators in music, and perennial favorites at First Encounter Coffee House. The two share a style that is relaxed, smoky and sultry. Louise’s home state is Vermont, but she now lives in Hawaii, and her songs reflect her travels and life experiences many places in between. She is touring in support of her latest CD, Tangerine, which just came out in May. Ray, born in French Canada and raised in the US, writes from his experience as an immigrant, Vietnam War vet, taxi driver and bush pilot, drawing inspiration from the many places he has called home—Montreal, New Orleans, Colorado, Arkansas, Alaska, Boston, Seattle and Paris, France. His release Goin’ By Feel was named one of the best CDs of 2008 and featured “I Am the Big Easy,” which was the most-played song on folk radio that year and won the Folk Alliance Award for Song of the Year. His latest, Bad Man’s Blood, came out in August 2011.