Support live acoustic music by joining the Friends of First Encounter. Your donation will help ensure that live music in a concert setting will continue to thrive. In addition, you can receive extra benefits as an expression of our appreciation.

ALL Memberships are for one year and include a discount of $2.00 to all concerts. There are two levels of annual membership for you to choose from:

Individual Membership – $30.00

Included is receipt of our snail-mail newsletter and schedule, a nifty bumper sticker, preferred seating * at concerts you attend, and other surprise benefits to be offered throughout the year.

Family Membership – $40.00

Extends all of the above benefits to you and your immediate family (A two adult household plus children). Sorry, aunts and uncles, distant cousins, etc. excluded!

*NOTE: In order to take advantage of preferred seating, you must be present when the doors open half-an-hour before concert time. After all, it wouldn’t be fair to let you arrive five minutes before the concert and bump somebody out of your favorite seat!

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